Day 191 July 9th 2016

A lazy day which started with brunch, then to the football field to watch Lachlan play, a trip to town to kit Gus out for his first school ball, then a family trip to the Hamilton night market. It was lovely to be all four together. Scrummy food but otherwise not much to tempt us back… a sort of glorified $2 shop with one or two notable arty exceptions. Interesting range of food though and plenty of people made it a bustling, warm atmosphere. This little boy bravely played his violin amongst the throngs. 

Day 145 May 24th 2016

A little bit of a cheat today as I didn’t take any photos. However,  the new sculpture in Hamilton was in the news and since I took a photo of it at the weekend I thought it worth sharing.
Apparently ‘The waterfall of the sculpture represents the tongue of the dog, described in a Maori legend about the creation of the Waikato River.’ 
My photo doesn’t show the waterfall as it was taken before it was unveiled. Will have to go and take another this weekend.


Day 130 May 9th 2016


Morning walks around the lake have resumed now that hockey training has started again.  Think it’s going to be a bit hit and miss this term with all the travelling I’ll be doing so I’ll make the most of them when I can. I looked out for the spoonbills where I saw them last week but they have moved to the other side of the lake.  Fast asleep too at 7.15! Lazy!