Day 130 May 9th 2016


Morning walks around the lake have resumed now that hockey training has started again.  Think it’s going to be a bit hit and miss this term with all the travelling I’ll be doing so I’ll make the most of them when I can. I looked out for the spoonbills where I saw them last week but they have moved to the other side of the lake.  Fast asleep too at 7.15! Lazy! 

Day 88 March 28th 2016

Counting down the days now… Today’s 10km walk/run will be pretty much the last one before Saturday and the 100km.  Maybe a couple of 5s just to keep the legs ticking over, but that is it! It was a beautiful evening and the Waikato river never fails to look stunning.  Love the walkway through the bush,  peaceful with just the call of the cicadas and the birds.


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Day 60 February 29th 2016

Leap Day! Not sure I have heard it called that before but today there was a whole feature about “Leap Day” on the radio. Traditionally it is the day when a woman can ask a man to marry them – I did just that 16 yrs ago today!  But today’s photo is nothing to do with that!

Another walk around Lake Rotoroa in the centre of Hamilton and I came across this wee fellow;

one legged moorhen

Day 43 February 12th 2016

Not much to choose from today – a day spent at the computer working.  But as I sit in my office with the sliding doors open I am serenaded by the chatter of birds and cicadas.  I am not very good at the whole standing every twenty minutes and moving around especially when I am engrossed in a job.  I tend to want to just get it done.  However, when the heat is sweltering and I realise I have been hunched over for a while and I am distracted by a new bird call, I get up to have a look.  Two little wax eyes flit around in the tree.  Unfortunately too quick to snap them but as I stand under the tree something flashes past my face and lands on the tree in front of me.  Beautiful


Day 32 February 1st 2016

We love having visitors because it means we get out and do stuff we might not otherwise bother to do. Today we went to Rainbow Springs in Rotorua mainly to see kiwi but had fun seeing other birds and reptiles too.  Oh, yes… and the Big Splash!  “A nine minute journey through time”.  They could learn a lot from Disney in terms of presentation; it is a little short on information and detail but the plunge pool at the end caused us great hilarity!  Worth another nine minutes of my life to repeat it!  This photo is just before we plunge into the abyss!


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Day 20 January 20th 2016

Love the summer and Lake Rotoroa in Hamilton is a gem in the city.  So many families,  couples,  friends of all ages walking,  running,  chatting,  laughing,  sailing on a summer evening at the lake. 

Oh,  and these wee cuties too!  All the ducky birds out in force. The moorhen mummy was viciously defending her brood as I took photos. Never heard a moorhen hiss before!  Couldn’t choose so cheated and made a collage!


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