Day 88 March 28th 2016

Counting down the days now… Today’s 10km walk/run will be pretty much the last one before Saturday and the 100km.  Maybe a couple of 5s just to keep the legs ticking over, but that is it! It was a beautiful evening and the Waikato river never fails to look stunning.  Love the walkway through the bush,  peaceful with just the call of the cicadas and the birds.


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Day 79 March 19th 2016

‘Twas a hard day at the office today. Last big training walk before we taper to the big day. Nothing in the tank at all for some reason, so I had to dig deep as we walked from Waotu South down to the river and up and down to Waipapa Dam…and then all the way back again.  30km round-trip. Too tired to take any more than this one photo at our turn around point.


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Day 73 March 13th 2016

Another great day on the trails preparing for the Oxfam Trail Walker.  An ‘easy’ 28km over the hill and along the beach.  Not to be – tide was higher than we expected and we walked all the way over the hill and down to the beach to find the sea lapping at the steps.  Nothing left except to climb back up again and down the road to West End beach and along the sand.  I could have chosen any one of the photos of the stunning views from the headland but this random photo took my fancy!


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Day 72 March 12th 2016

A big training weekend for the Posties in Ohope practising on the oxfam trails. The first time out with our team kit on and we got plenty of comments on our way round the trails.  What do you think?  We’re not planning on getting lost!



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Day 59 February 28th 2016

A big day out – our longest training walk to date with all four of the team.  It was a hot, hot day so just as well we had the benefit of the bush for some shade for some of the time.  The Waikato River trail out from Mangakino 15km and back again – apparently (according to technology)  over 2000m of ascent over 30km and just under 5 hours!

Here is the Pat and the Posties team – and here is the link to our Oxfam page – shameless donation plug!!


Day 56 February 25th 2016

A bittersweet day.  Yesterday my Mum would have celebrated her 87th birthday, Today is the 33rd anniversary of her death. It’s been a long time and while the hurt fades the memories never do.  Today as part of my training for the Oxfam 100km Trailwalk I walked along the river through Hamilton.  The Potter Children’s Garden is now complete and what a beautiful place to take children it is.  There were a few families taking advantage of splashing and cooling down in the cool, flowing water in the early evening when it was still quite warm,  playing on the swings, slides and seesaws and marvelling at the birds in the aviary.  For me, this Whakatauki etched in the steps said it all.  I think my Mum would have related to the sentiments it evokes.

“Whakarongo ake a ki te tangi a te maru e rere runga rawa ra e, tui tui tui tuia, tuia i runga, tuia i raro, tuia a roti, tuia i rato, tuia a waho, tui tui tui tuia ka rongo te po, ka ringo te ao, tui tui tui tuia.”

” I listen, I listen where up high a bird flies. It’s cry rings out “Sew and stitch and bind it together. From above, from below, from within, from outside. Sew and bind it together. During the day and during the night. Sew and stitch and bind it together.”


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