Rā 244, Rāapa 31 o Here-turi-kōkā

Another game and despite a valiant defence,  another loss!  The positives are that the boys kept battling and the sun was shining.  We couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for ‘colds’ – the beach at Paraparaumu is beautiful. It could be said that some of the boys ran faster to get out of the water once their time was up than they as on the pitch,  but that would be a bit mean!

Rā 243, Rātū 30 o Here-turi-kōkā

Day 2 India Rankin Cup and an early morning game up the Kapiti Coast at Paraparaumu. The boys played hard and worked well as a team but were simply outclassed by a slick Auckland Grammar team. Men against boys,  really.  Gus’ strained ligaments are officially a broken bone after a visit to the physio and then X-ray … so he is now in a moon boot and unlikely to play the rest of the tournament. He’s gutted!

We had a wander round Petone late afternoon – I love the old buildings and the juxtaposition of the grand,  old designs and the tacky add ons of the modern shop fronts. Quite sad how some of those old buildings with a sense of importance or gravitas have become purveyors of tacky trash.

Rā 242, Rāhina 29 o Here-turi-kōkā

Day 1 of the India Rankin Cup and not a great start for the Hilly Boys. Despite dominating possession they didn’t manage to score and Bethlehem took the chances they had and won. In the afternoon the boys played really well, much better than this morning, but were simply outclassed. Gus came away with a pulled ligaments after rolling his ankle in a collision with one 9fcthe STACs players. Hopefully he will be able to play later in the week.

In between games we went for a drive round the bays and wandered a bit.  I love the bright yellow of these oxalis against the bluebird springtime sky.

Rā 239, Rāmere 26 o Here-turi-kōkā

Spring is springing at the lake. Ducks have broods of ducklings and the pukeko and pigeons are dancing their mating dances.  Trees are bursting into bud and bright yellow daffodils add splashes of colour all around.  But this afternoon the colours were on our feet as we celebrated our dear friend Jill’s retirement as chaplain at Waikato Dio and wished her well as she sets off on her challenge to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. 

Not sure she’ll be wearing any of these offerings but knowing Jill, whatever she wears will be colourful.

Rā 237, Rāapa 24 o Here-turi-kōkā

A wet day in the Waikato. Hope Aonghas isn’t too wet out on his multi-sport three day event in Rotorua.  Wonder how he is getting on. I went to watch the Hillcresthigh 1sts play in the Midland Intercity Secondary Schools final and win! Great result in heavy rain.

Today’s photo is an artistic rendition of the raindrops glistening on the tree back-lit by our garden lights courtesy of the Prisma app.

Rā 236, Rātū 23 o Here-turi-kōkā

The New Zealand International Film Festival has come to The Tron. We started on Saturday by watching High Rise which was a stark commentary on how Thatcherite values undermined the social idealism of the 60s. Humorous, brutal and satirical, it contrasted with this evening’s film.  I, Daniel Blake is a bleak, at times funny but tragic film.  The sort of funny that comes from the desperation of the social condition.  But the relentless warmth of human nature comes through in spite of the cold, almost robotic rigidity of a post-Thatcherite Britain. 

How do I find a photo to reflect all that?  I don’t. This is Tuesday night in The Tron, a quiet beer in the next bar along from our regular place.

Thanks to Prisma for the editing.

Rā 235,  Rāhina, 22 o Here-turi-kōkā

Beautiful light down at the lake this morning. Forced to walk after my calf muscle pinged, I took the time to look around me more closely and take more photos than usual. Hard to decide which to choose but went for the moment when the sun rose. I love the way the light changes when the sun rises..that transition from dawn to day, from softness of light to brightness.