153/366 1st June 2020

1st June: Look down! Lampposts with feet. I love the quirkiness and creativity of people. It lifts our spirits. Cuba Street, Wellington.

154/366 2nd June 2020

2nd June: An adventure on the train was cut short when we got to Taita Station – “this train is terminating at Taita due to a signal fault”
We were very promptly picked up by a ‘train-replacing bus’. We have been very impressed with the public transport these last few days – not least because it has been free!

155/366 3rd June 2020

3rd June: Our journey on public transport took us to Days Bay yesterday, a walk up the hill, along the ridgeline and down to Eastbourne before getting the ferry back across to Wellington. Today we flew home. One of the things I love about flying is being able to see places, orient myself and recognise places I have visited from above. The wee island is Ward Island and it was connected to Eastbourne during the war by an anti-submarine boom.

156/366 4th June 2020

4th June: I’m working on my te reo mahi. The Matariki constellation is known as Pleiades in the western world, and by other names by other cultures around the world. In Aotearoa, the rising of Matariki marks the start of the Māori new year. thespinoff.co.nz/atea/05-06-2019/matariki-what-to-know-ab….

157/366 5th June 2020

5th June: It’s never too early in the month for a photo of the cat! I haven’t moved far from the computer today as it’s been a busy work day.

158/366 6th June 2020

6th June: Our Oxfam team caught up today for a bit of a reunion – a walk along the Karangahake Rail Trail and then lunch at the winery. Autumn is turning to winter but there is still colour in the trees.
I hīkoi tātou tēnei ata i Karangahake. I kõrero, katakata ngā hoa ki a tātou.
Ngā tae o Pipiri, ngā waiata o te ngākau harikoa.

159/366 7th June 2020

7th June: I haven’t seen my big boy for such a long time. He needs a haircut!

160/366 8th June 2020

8th June 2020: Back at te reo class again. I love learning using the rākau. Challenging but fun and we learn so much. This tells the story of the maramataka Māori – well the winter of it anyway. Find out more here – read.bookcreator.com/uEJkCGS2bHaLPf8CtnYtxBm2qi52/p5vN2Zn…

161/366 9th June 2020

9th June: No comment …. Arthur Dent maybe?

162/366 10th June 2020

10th June: Adding to the kōrero. Raumati or Summer when the nights get shorter and the days get longer…

163/366 11th June 2020

11th June: Dawn at Lake Rotoroa. I came down to run this morning not really feeling t but needing to do my 5km Time Trial. I decided that if it was going to happen it would so as not to put myself under any pressure. I ended up taking about 15 seconds off my previous PB. 27m12s. It wasn’t pretty!

164/366 12th June

12th June: Playing with leaves at the river. We are trying to keep our after work walks going but they are becoming less frequent… partly the weather and partly being back at aa physical place for work rather than working from home which dictates working hours.

165/366 13th June 2020

13th June: Not a great photo but you can tell that these are wax eyes (pihipihi) feasting on the seeds of this daisy. There were heaps of them!

166/366 14th June 2020

14th June: Two days of stunning weather in Whanganui-ā-Tara. Yesterday we ran at Red Rocks and did a side trip to see the seals. Today up to Belmont Trig – it was icy as we set off and the frost was still there at midday but what amazing views! kiwitravelwritertalksfoodtravelandtips.com/2009/09/19/red…

167/366 15th June 2020

15th June: Tonight at te reo class we had to give instructions to make a cup of tea… I was at Chris’ in Silverstream ‘Zooming’ in so decided to create step by step instructions visually.

168/366 16th June 2020

16th June: A murky day in Silverstream today. Had to persuade myself out of bed to get this run in before work. As usual, I was glad I did. Despite the murk it was lovely to be out.

169/366 17th June 2020

17th June: Sail or fly – DT curriculum integration. Working with teachers exploring how to create an integrated programme of learning. So much learning all round. #lovemyjob #teachersarecool #origami #algorithms #computationalthinking

170/366 18th June 2020

18th June: He ahakoa te ua me te hau i oma tāua tēnei ahiahi i te ngahere ki te matairangi o Rangituhi. Wild and windy at the lookout but good to blow the cobwebs away. Thanks Sarah. #trailrunning #hauora #rangituhi

171/366 19th June 2020

19th June: It’s been a wet and windy week in Whanganui-a-Tara. I drive past here every day to and fro when I’m working in Porirua and see it in all weather. #commute #pauahatanui #whitby

172/366 20th June 2020

20th June: 10km Time Trial on the programme today. My running buddy Jo paced me to a PB!

173/366 21st June 2020

21st June: The shortest day – midwinter in Aotearoa and the start of the Maramataka Māori. Time for a swim! It was a beautiful day in Whaingāroa after the rain in the middle of the day cleared.

174/366 22nd June 2020

22nd June: Matariki star cluster. Matariki, Puhutakawa, Hiwaiterangi, Tupuu0101rangi, Tupuu0101nuku, Waiti, Waita, Waipunerangi, Ururangi.

175/366 23rd June 2020

23rd June: FOMO – spotted these two dogs hanging out of the back of a ute on my way down Grey Street (I wasn’t driving!)

176/366 24th June 2020

24th June: Building our korero…. te korero o the Maramataka Māori

177/366 25th June 2020

25th June: a bright splash of colour in an otherwise dreich day.

178/366 26th June 2020

26th June: Protea in Hamilton Gardens.

179/366 27th June 2020

27th June:

squadfest #2 – the plan was to run a marathon. my legs thought otherwise! a gym session with the physio to treat my tendinitis left me with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) so I ended up pulling the pin after 33km. This is Jo dancing through the mud! It was a bit of a damp day. Black Track Rotorua.

180/366 28th June 2020

28th June: Aonghas has discovered chess. He beat, then coached Leah to a win against me but Nigel for the better of him.

181/366 29th June 2020

29th June: Begonias with their winter colour

182/366 30th June 2020

30th June:

Rainbow at the trig
Tēnei ahiahi i tae au i te kõtihi o te puke i kite au tēnei āniwaniwa i te rangi.