Rā 366 Rātapu 31 o Hakihea

Very reluctant to post this very last post of my leap year challenge now that it is done!  I have enjoyed choosing a photo (and sometimes creating one out of very little!) each day. 

Today has been a stunner; blue skies, light wind and really warm.  Prefect for an evening walk up Kakepuku. This evening our wee boy was out at his own Hogmanay party and we had friends around.  So it seems fitting that my last photo is Nigel and me toasting 2017 (or maybe we were bidding 2016 a hasty goodbye? ) Looking forward to the challenges that the new year brings. 

Rā 365 Rāmere 30 o Hakihea

Penultimate day of the year and it was glorious; blue sky and sunshine.  Great day for a couple of circuits of Pukemokmoke.  Then chilling in the garden. So many flowers out now and the veggies are taking off (apart from the beans which seem to be a favorite of the snails!)

A sure sign of summer is the song of the cicadas.  I love it. Reminds me of the south of France.  I heard this one as I was sitting reading and liked around to see where he was.  Right on the top of the sun shade.  The sunlight glistening on his wing is beautiful. 

Rā 364 Rāpare 29 o Hakihea

Lazy day today…definitely not made my target steps but did meet some other goals. I sorted and named all the photos from Kate’s trip and annotated the shared Google Photos album so they’ll know where they went to! Wrapped Christmas presents to send to the UK …yes, for this year not next…I’m late not early! Just need to get them to the post office now and send them!

Consequently, I didn’t actually take a photo today so I will cheat and use another from yesterday because it was such a wonderful walk. And because it’s a ‘parent selfie’ which embarrasses Aonghas no end!

Rā 363 Rāapa 28 o Hakihea

A great day to get on top of the world. Nigel and I climbed Rua Pane one of the peaks in the Pirongia range.(723m)  Next step will be the summit! Stunning views from on high. Thought of Hugh, Ginny and the boys as I walked. We were 24 hours early for his final leg but knew we wouldn’t get out tomorrow. We’ve never seen these plants before so this is today’s pick. But I’m also including the link to the 360 surround shot I took. 

Rā 362 Rātu 27 o Hakihea

Quiet day but seemed to get stuff done. Boy got a bar stool for his desk, Nigel’s birthday presents bought in the sales, drinks and dinner round at friends then I was roundly beaten at backgammon this evening!  Feeling a bit flat – must be ‘post-sister visit’ and post-Christmas blues!  Think I’d quite like to come back as a cat…

Why is it that cats miaow plaintively to come in then sit and look at you as if you’re stupid when you open the door for them? 

Rā 361 Rāhina 26 o Hakihea

Boxing Day – always a good day for a walk (and I wanted to try out my Christmas presents!) This week is also the week when one of our friends, Hugh, will be walking the final legs of the 1800 miles he set himself to do in 2016. He has been walking with his dog (and any family and friends who would join him) to banish his demons and to raise money for a charity called Special Effect which supported his son, Sam, after an accident and in memory of his wife, Ginny, who died of cancer far too young at Christmas 7 years ago. His very last walk will be on the 29th. Of course we cant physically be with him but we said that we would walk with him across the other side of the world. 

His fundraising page is here. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Hugh-Moore1

My photo today is a kereru which I managed to catch as it took flight as I reached the summit of Kakepuku Mountain. 

Rā 360 Rātapu 25 o Hakihea

Christmas feels so different now that the boys are grown up.  Gus is still excited but no longer awake at an unearthly time in the morning! So a very sedate start but we still had our traditional grapefruit for breakfast.  Something my Mum always did for us.  We waited for Lachlan to come before opening presents together. That has always been something we have done – it is as much about giving as receiving and taking the time to share in the opening is special. 

I still filled the boys stockings –  both had the same things in so they had races as they opened the wee parcels! Such fun!

Nigel made Christmas dinner while the boys and I played with Lachlan’s new board game. Then he took my place while I cleared up – it is a complex game!  So absorbing that we didn’t get out for a walk. (On the plan for tomorrow!)