Rā 126 Rātapu 7 o Haratua

A mad busy day for a Sunday! Two lots of hockey, trying to make the most of the feijoa and not waste them so I scooped them all, put them in bags and froze them for later.  Made some juice though which is scrummy with tonic water and limes. Squozed in a 10km run during hockey session 1. Washed, packed, cooked dinner (yep, Nigel is away!), gave instructions to the boy, finished off workshops for tomorrow….. think I can sleep now!

Lake with reeds and bulrushes in the foreground, city scape at back, clouds in grey sky.

Rā 221  Rāhina, 8 o Here-turi-kōkā

A very frosty morning at the lake today but it was good to be able to start running in the light as the sun rose.  The sharp blue sky of Hamilton gave way to increasing cloud as I flew South. Even through the murky yellowness of the plane window Ngarahoe shone resplendent enrobed in snow. It was a bumpy old descent into Wellington but the wind roared and hissed and had blown itself and the rain away before we headed out to sample the craft beer delights of Beervana.

So today’s photos tell a story of winter weather and warming beer!

Day 51 February 20th 2016

The Great Lake Relay is an annual event in Taupo in which teams of between 10 and 18 people run 155 km  around Lake Taupo. This is the third time I have been part of a team.  Each time there are some core people so there is some familiarity but it is the different faces that make each iteration so unique and enjoyable.  Here is this year’s team about to set off at 2am.


Whereas in previous years we have made it round in well under the allocated 16hrs, this year we were sailing close.  However, everyone pulled together and gave of their best. It was a real team effort and the final few minutes certainly got the adrenalin flowing. Ten exhausted but elated team members with a great sense of achievement so I have cheated and also included the photo at the end of the race.


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