work life balance

Rā 177 Rātu 27 o Pipiri 

After a long day yesterday working with teachers in Tauranga it was catch up time today. Lots of admin but also an early finish to make the most of the glorious weather.  An early start meant there was time for a late afternoon run at Little Waipa. My fastest 12km yet on that route! Stuffed but pleased! And a beautiful sunset.

Rā 96 Rāpare 6 o Paengawhāwhā

Amongst the busy-ness of work I managed to grab a coffee at Demi-Urgos – definitely the best coffee in Hamilton.  Maintaining work-life balance by slotting in a 12km run with Jo from Little Waipa to the swing bridge and back.  Very happy (but knackered!) to have run all the way and completed in 1hr25!  The water flow after the last two days of rain is impressive.  Unfortunately, my photo of the wee waterfall is pretty poor so you’re getting coffee instead!

Rā 74, Rāapa 15 o Poutū-te-rangi 2017

On the road again. I visited Tauranga Primary School and saw the amazing learning that was going on in such a beautiful setting. There was a real buzz of engagement and happiness. Then workshops with teachers at Tauranga Boys College – good learning conversations and plenty to think about. Topped off with a walk up Mauao and a swim in the sea. Perfect! 

Rā 51, Rāhina 20 o Huitānguru 2017

Morning working at home then off to Rotorua for Whānau hui tomorrow. Worked in the Airbnb accommodation for a couple of hours before escaping for a walk around Tikitapu with Renée, followed by a quick dip. Found a place along the shoreline to do a handstand – another stunning backdrop. It was hot and humid but the smell of the forest is so refreshing. Plenty of birdsong and the cicadas were almost deafening.