Rā 1, Rātapu 1 o Kohitātea 2017

Here we go again!

Day 1 Photo a Day 2017

Hamilton Gardens has always been a special place for us. We discovered it when we first arrived in January 2008 and  were blown away by the special gardens and how well designed they are. Since then so much more has been added but we still love the gardens in the centre.  It was a bit busy today but great to see so many people enjoying the sun, the plants and being together with family and friends on New Year’s Day.  This is the Chinese Scholar’s Garden.


Rā 253, Rāmere 9 o Mahuru

The sun came out today and I decided to escape the house and go and work in the cafe down the road.  I miss the magnolia trees at Dio – I used to walk past them everyday on the way to my classroom and watch as the buds grew and then burst into flower and then fade and fall.  The ones on the way down to the river are pretty stunning though.  I came across a couple of cats too – black cats crossing your path are good luck and this wee fella looks a bit battered but happy soaking up the sun. The one in the basket is Tonks – her new bed in Aonghas’ bedroom!


Rā 235,  Rāhina, 22 o Here-turi-kōkā

Beautiful light down at the lake this morning. Forced to walk after my calf muscle pinged, I took the time to look around me more closely and take more photos than usual. Hard to decide which to choose but went for the moment when the sun rose. I love the way the light changes when the sun rises..that transition from dawn to day, from softness of light to brightness.

Day 191 July 9th 2016

A lazy day which started with brunch, then to the football field to watch Lachlan play, a trip to town to kit Gus out for his first school ball, then a family trip to the Hamilton night market. It was lovely to be all four together. Scrummy food but otherwise not much to tempt us back… a sort of glorified $2 shop with one or two notable arty exceptions. Interesting range of food though and plenty of people made it a bustling, warm atmosphere. This little boy bravely played his violin amongst the throngs.