Rā 236, Rātū 23 o Here-turi-kōkā

The New Zealand International Film Festival has come to The Tron. We started on Saturday by watching High Rise which was a stark commentary on how Thatcherite values undermined the social idealism of the 60s. Humorous, brutal and satirical, it contrasted with this evening’s film.  I, Daniel Blake is a bleak, at times funny but tragic film.  The sort of funny that comes from the desperation of the social condition.  But the relentless warmth of human nature comes through in spite of the cold, almost robotic rigidity of a post-Thatcherite Britain. 

How do I find a photo to reflect all that?  I don’t. This is Tuesday night in The Tron, a quiet beer in the next bar along from our regular place.

Thanks to Prisma for the editing.