Rā 177 Rātu 27 o Pipiri 

After a long day yesterday working with teachers in Tauranga it was catch up time today. Lots of admin but also an early finish to make the most of the glorious weather.  An early start meant there was time for a late afternoon run at Little Waipa. My fastest 12km yet on that route! Stuffed but pleased! And a beautiful sunset.

Rā 167 Rāhoroi 17 o Pipiri

Bit off a bit more than I could chew today!  I should have stuck to my gut feeling and turned around earlier but I went with Jo and Paula all the way to Waotu South which meant I had to come all the way back! Had to dig deep for the last 5km!

So, 31km under my belt. Wonder if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow! We are lucky to have the Waikato River Trails on our doorstep though!

View of waikato River snaking in the distance with quarry in the foreground and

Rā 92, Rātapu 2 o Paengawhāwhā

Busy day. Hockey trials for Gus at 8.00am for U18 Waikato team. Trailrun up Maungatautari with Jo – 900m of ascent over 15km in 2h25 – not bad going a week after a 100km! Bit of a ‘nana nap’ this afternoon when I fell asleep while reading! Then watched Gus playing hockey for Suburbs – did us proud by crossing the ball in for a goal, then scoring one and then being named MVP. Finally went to see a very weird but interesting French film…far too complicated to explain so here’s a link to the Guardian review of Ma Loute.

Rā 77, Rāhoroi 18 o Poutū-te-rangi 2017

Stunning clouds this afternoon out at Pukemokemoke.  Also did my fastest ever circuit and then managed 2 more! 

The working bee crew were out in force and had dosed the wasp nests so hopefully won’t be stung again. One day I will get to a working bee and give back to this amazing reserve that we have had so much joy from. I was talking to one of the volunteers who was telling me he had been working up there for 20 years. When he first started it was overrun with weeds, stoats, rats and possums.  They are now all eradicated and the place is planted with native trees and the birdsong is back. 

Rā 29, Rātapu 29 o Kohitātea 2017

Recovery day today! Haha! Hot and cold energising shower to start the day. With varying degrees of brokenness we decided to tackle the Old Coach Road from Ohakune. Each going at our own pace – Jo and I managed 10km by doing a few extra ‘dog legs’ and a loop around the Hapuawhenua Viaduct. We were very good and did some mid-walk stretches. Treated ourselves afterwards to lunch in Ohakune.

Rā 28, Rāhoroi 28 o Kohitātea 2017

The Tussock Traverse goes from Tukino, on the Desert Road side of Ruapehu, across the most spectacular landscape, to Whakapapa. Fantastic conditions, amazing organisation and the friendliest marshals you could ask for. And a running/walking buddy who was great company. Two ‘broken’ runners, we walked and ran the 26km together and finished together. Difficult to pick the best photo of the day…. so here’s one at the start and one somewhere on the way!