surround shot

Day 75 March 15th 2016

For some reason this post remained as a draft way back on day 75! Just found it so have published but way out of synch!

Autumn is definitely in the air but summer is still hanging in there.  I quite like the comfort of autumnal evening darkness yet still wrapped in the warm air of lingering summer. Anyway, the onset of Autumn means the start of the hockey season and a return to walking round the lake.

While  waiting for Gus to finish training I decided to try out a Surround Shot. Uploaded to Street View for all to see.  The image is below but go to the link to see it in 360 surround view, or even better, view through Google Cardboard to see in VR.

Check out Gallagher Hockey Centre 



Day 58 February 27th 2016

A great day at Educamp Rotovegas with inspiring educators and learners.  One of the things I shared was Photospheres in Google Street View.  I have just discovered them and as I play am wondering how they could be used to enhance our children’s learning.  Someone else said that they use them along with Google cardboard to create virtual tours of their environment,  and tell stories. 
This is a photo I took this evening at the trig point above Hamilton gardens when I was out walking.  Hamilton Gardens on #StreetView.


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