Rā 300 Rāapa 26 o Whiringa-ā-nuku

The days sure are ticking by. Today was one of those “4 seasons in one day” sort of days. Typical Springtime.  There’s a pair of blackbirds that are busy building a nest in one of the trees in our garden. I see them hopping across the lawn with bits of twig and grass and foraging in the compost bin.  It’s too difficult to get a photo of them though so today’s pic is the sky darkening just before another downpour. 

Rā 256, Rāhina 12 o Mahuru

I’ve decided to take a walk every lunchtime to make sure I have a break otherwise  I just eat at my desk. The gardens really are beautiful now with all the trees and flowers bursting into colour. The scents are amazing and the birdsong is fantastic. I took lots of photos but I think the Kowhai is my favourite. I couldn’t get a good photo of the Tui or the Wax Eyes feeding but I watched as they flitted from flower to flower. 

It is said that the Kowhai sprung from the shreds of the cloak of tohunga Ngatoro-I-rangi of the Te Arawa waka on its arrival to Aotearoa. The legend says that a young tohunga asks a girl to marry him while they sit under the bare branches of a Kowhai tree in the month of August. She replies that she will only marry him if he can perform some brilliant act. “I will show you what I can do. I will cause this tree to spring instantly into flower before your eyes.” He uses all his powers and the tree bursts into bloom, his final touch causing a ring of yellow blossoms to appear around the dark hair of the girl. Ever since, say Te Arawa, the Kowhai has flowered on bare and leafless branches

Rā 253, Rāmere 9 o Mahuru

The sun came out today and I decided to escape the house and go and work in the cafe down the road.  I miss the magnolia trees at Dio – I used to walk past them everyday on the way to my classroom and watch as the buds grew and then burst into flower and then fade and fall.  The ones on the way down to the river are pretty stunning though.  I came across a couple of cats too – black cats crossing your path are good luck and this wee fella looks a bit battered but happy soaking up the sun. The one in the basket is Tonks – her new bed in Aonghas’ bedroom!


Rā 242, Rāhina 29 o Here-turi-kōkā

Day 1 of the India Rankin Cup and not a great start for the Hilly Boys. Despite dominating possession they didn’t manage to score and Bethlehem took the chances they had and won. In the afternoon the boys played really well, much better than this morning, but were simply outclassed. Gus came away with a pulled ligaments after rolling his ankle in a collision with one 9fcthe STACs players. Hopefully he will be able to play later in the week.

In between games we went for a drive round the bays and wandered a bit.  I love the bright yellow of these oxalis against the bluebird springtime sky.

Rā 239, Rāmere 26 o Here-turi-kōkā

Spring is springing at the lake. Ducks have broods of ducklings and the pukeko and pigeons are dancing their mating dances.  Trees are bursting into bud and bright yellow daffodils add splashes of colour all around.  But this afternoon the colours were on our feet as we celebrated our dear friend Jill’s retirement as chaplain at Waikato Dio and wished her well as she sets off on her challenge to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. 

Not sure she’ll be wearing any of these offerings but knowing Jill, whatever she wears will be colourful.