Week 17 Creative: Humour

I didn’t enjoy this week’s challenge. Humour isn’t really my thing. I like laughing, I enjoy funny things, but I’m not very good at creating it! So, I only have two photos. One is the image I created to send people to my new blogsite from my old one. The other is a mural I found amusing in Tirau, a small town in the Waikato.

a thistle with arms and legs and a face running away saying follow me

painting on a wall outside a public toilet showing two people sitting on a toilet reading the paper

Day 84 March 24th 2016

An evening jaunt to Auckland to see the ever irreverently funny John Cleese and Eric Idle.  No photos allowed during the performance since cameras in theatres are only slightly less annoying than people who ‘fart in your general direction’. So, apart from a photo of the stage set before they started, this very sneaky photo during the encore, is the only one I have.  Of course, they ended by looking on the bright side of life.


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