Rā 356 Rāapa 21 o Hakihea

Last day with my little sister!:( 

Took the train into Wellie with the hope of going kayaking but it was clear as we travelled in from the waves in the harbour that it wasn’t likely to be possible.  The sky was blue with scudding clouds, warm air temperature but strengthening wind which made it feel cold.  We made a wee diversion to the Beehive before heading to the kayak place for confirmation that it was indeed too windy. 

We sheltered in a cafe for a while then split up. Kate and Rosa went shopping, Gus wandered around for a bit then joined us in the pub for a drink and a pizza. 

Back at Silverstream we packed, chatted, drank wine and played Cheat and generally made the most of our last day. 

Early start tomorrow to get to the airport.