Rā 310 Rāhoroi 5 o Whiringa-ā-rangi

Fireworks are exploding all around us!  Guy Fawkes seems a strange thing to ‘celebrate’ in NZ so far from the British Houses of Parliament.  The 5th November is also the date when 1600 volunteer and Armed Constabulary troops attacked a peaceful protest against land confiscations at Parihaka on behalf of the NZ government. It seems a more fitting historic event to remember in NZ at this time of year (though not to celebrate) and fireworks certainly wouldn’t be appropriate.  I don’t think we could replace one with the other, though.   There is a movement to have a date around this time of year to commemorate the NZ Wars in some way. But it can’t be 5th November because the tradition of Guy Fawkes is just too strong. 

Anyway, today’s photo has nothing to do with fireworks! It’s a white poppy bejewelled with raindrops that I spotted on a walk today!