Rā 126 Rātapu 7 o Haratua

A mad busy day for a Sunday! Two lots of hockey, trying to make the most of the feijoa and not waste them so I scooped them all, put them in bags and froze them for later.  Made some juice though which is scrummy with tonic water and limes. Squozed in a 10km run during hockey session 1. Washed, packed, cooked dinner (yep, Nigel is away!), gave instructions to the boy, finished off workshops for tomorrow….. think I can sleep now!

Lake with reeds and bulrushes in the foreground, city scape at back, clouds in grey sky.

Rā 235,  Rāhina, 22 o Here-turi-kōkā

Beautiful light down at the lake this morning. Forced to walk after my calf muscle pinged, I took the time to look around me more closely and take more photos than usual. Hard to decide which to choose but went for the moment when the sun rose. I love the way the light changes when the sun rises..that transition from dawn to day, from softness of light to brightness.

Rā 225  Rāmere, 12 o Here-turi-kōkā

I nearly didn’t go for a run this morning. Lots to do before getting to the edchatnz conference and feeling very sad after last night’s news. But I’m glad I did.  I’ve decided that my hash tag for the day is going to be #theworldisbeautiful.

I made sure that I took the time this morning to notice the little things. The things that we take for granted.  The things that we forget when we are bogged down in other “stuff” over which we have no control.  I cannot possibly understand how desperate and sad someone must feel to want to leave our beautiful world. But it happens far too often to far too many young men especially in NZ.  My heart is heavy. But our world is beautiful. We should hold on to that.

Day 193 July 11th 2016

Holidays but not holidays!  Not being a teacher any more means no more school holidays which is a strange thing to get used to after 29 years!   But working from home means I do have the flexibility to manage my own working hours. So an early start this morning and a couple of hours from 5 – 7pm meant that I could catch up with a friend this afternoon.  What did we do?  Why,  join the rest of Hamiltonians searching for Pokemons around the lake,  of course!  


Day 183 July 1st 2016

Half way through the year. The mid point. And what a stunning morning. It has been raining for days but today dawned with frost on the windscreen and clear crisp air.  The footpath round the lake glistened with ice and the lake itself was as still as can be save for the ducks, and coots which leave their trails as they launch themselves into the water. 

The crescent moon shone brightly in the dark blue morning sky. Difficult to capture it on my phone camera, but this, shot turned out all right.