Week 24 Composition: Contrast


Both these photos were taken in Tauranga. The first is in the early evening in winter as the clouds turned at the end of a cold but clear day. Taken by my passenger as we crossed the causeway, so strictly not mine, but we spotted the sky and since I was driving, she took the photo.  Not bad from a moving car!

sunset with red elipsical clouds against a blue sky above flat water

The second is mid afternoon down at the hockey turf where the bright winter sun provided some stark contrasts between the white salt mountains and the blue of the sky and turf.

blue hockey turf being watered with rainbow and white salt mounds

And this is an extra – a shot that I spotted when my husband came in from the garden with a harvest of chillis and showed me this curly one. There was a basket of limes from the garden sitting on the bench and the red and yellow made a great shot.

red chilli in the shape of a spiral or curl on top of bright yellow limes

Rā 177 Rātu 27 o Pipiri 

After a long day yesterday working with teachers in Tauranga it was catch up time today. Lots of admin but also an early finish to make the most of the glorious weather.  An early start meant there was time for a late afternoon run at Little Waipa. My fastest 12km yet on that route! Stuffed but pleased! And a beautiful sunset.

Rā 221  Rāhina, 8 o Here-turi-kōkā

A very frosty morning at the lake today but it was good to be able to start running in the light as the sun rose.  The sharp blue sky of Hamilton gave way to increasing cloud as I flew South. Even through the murky yellowness of the plane window Ngarahoe shone resplendent enrobed in snow. It was a bumpy old descent into Wellington but the wind roared and hissed and had blown itself and the rain away before we headed out to sample the craft beer delights of Beervana.

So today’s photos tell a story of winter weather and warming beer!

Rā 216  Rāapa, 3 o Here-turi-kōkā

These plants are seen as weeds here as they grow so voraciously but their purple summer colour reminds us of when we first arrived in New Zealand.  They line the centre strips of dual carriageway and grass verges. In winter the seed pods remain,  long abandoned by their seeds but beautiful in their starkness and their dry winter brownness.  I spotted these silhouetted against the cloudy winter sky and the white picket fence.

Day 199 July 17th 2016

A wild, wet, windy, sunny,  rainbow day in the Waikato. Typical winter,  four seasons in one day sort of day.  Perfect for spring cleaning and watching (or playing) two games of hockey.  This is from the second game.  Gus had already scored twice in his first game and of course,  we missed what appears to have been the goal of the season… Solo dribble past three players, one on one with goalie and.. Boom! the net!  No goals in this game but a solid performance from the boy! 

Day 191 July 9th 2016

A lazy day which started with brunch, then to the football field to watch Lachlan play, a trip to town to kit Gus out for his first school ball, then a family trip to the Hamilton night market. It was lovely to be all four together. Scrummy food but otherwise not much to tempt us back… a sort of glorified $2 shop with one or two notable arty exceptions. Interesting range of food though and plenty of people made it a bustling, warm atmosphere. This little boy bravely played his violin amongst the throngs.