Rā 265 Rātapu 24 o Mahuru

It’s my little sister’s 50th birthday today. I am sad that I can’t be there to celebrate with her but I know my other sisters have planned a great party for her. When she was born 50 yrs ago the Drs suggested to my Mum that she should put her straight into a home, that she would be a burden, that she would never walk, talk or be able to look after herself. 50 yrs later our little Steph is married, she has a job, she lives independently albeit with some social services care and she is happy. This is Stephanie on her wedding day 9 years ago.

Rā 264 Rāhoroi 23 o Mahuru

So it is 3 weeks to go before the Abel Tasman event that seemed like such a good idea all those months ago! Training was going well til I was sick for nigh on 2 weeks and couldn’t run! Starting to panic now and so I had to try to fit in a long run this weekend. But I also wanted to spend time with Nigel. What to do? Compromise…I went for two 10km runs! The first this morning along the road, up a hill (and back down again), through the pine forest, along the beach and back along the road. Amazing to be up high looking down on the world as it wakens.

This afternoon we both went to Broken Hills – me at my pace and Nigel at his. 4.5km of relentless, steep and very gnarly up and then 5.5km if the same terrain but down! I was rewarded with stunning views though!

So since it was a day of two halves there are two photos.