2018: Week 1: Vision, Look Ahead

So, I have decided to challenge myself in a slightly different way this year. Instead of simply recording a photo a day, I have joined the Dogwood Photography Challenge.This gives me a focus for a photo each week. I can only submit one to the challenge page but that doesn’t stop me from posting more on this blog. This week I had two photos to choose from. The theme was Vision: Look Ahead

On a bushwalk in Mahia this week I saw these new shoots pushing through surrounded by skeleton leaves. I found these words from Bryant McGill’s book Voice of Reason;

“Life moves forward. The old leaves wither, die and fall away, and the new growth extends forward into the light.”

Bright green new leaves pushing through old skeleton leaves.

As we drove back along the road we came across this stunning view which also seemed like a good contender for looking forward.

Gravel road in foreground looking out to sea cliffs ahead and blue ocean to the left. Blue sky streaked with light clouds

Where I am is not actually where I am. It’s just a point on the road to where I am going. Who knows what is round the corner?

Which one would you choose to submit?