Rā 246, Rāmere 2 o Mahuru

Early starts don’t suit the Hilly Boys! Neither does a cold, grey, wet and windy Wellington!  Losing Lewis and Braydon to injuries on top of Gus being out impacted not just on the physical and skill level of the team but also the mental game. They kept battling but couldn’t break through. This was a final for them: they needed to win to stay in the India Rankin Cup next year. They didn’t. 3.15 saw us all back at the turf for the 27/28th place play off. Gus, having found his shoe and with foot firmly strapped, was determined to play. Scott’s College were bigger and well-drilled and they quickly took control. Once it was clear the game was lost the boys settled in to enjoy themselves. They continued to play hard but had fun as they went. Scott’s took it all in good heart.