Waikato river

Rā 177 Rātu 27 o Pipiri 

After a long day yesterday working with teachers in Tauranga it was catch up time today. Lots of admin but also an early finish to make the most of the glorious weather.  An early start meant there was time for a late afternoon run at Little Waipa. My fastest 12km yet on that route! Stuffed but pleased! And a beautiful sunset.

Rā 167 Rāhoroi 17 o Pipiri

Bit off a bit more than I could chew today!  I should have stuck to my gut feeling and turned around earlier but I went with Jo and Paula all the way to Waotu South which meant I had to come all the way back! Had to dig deep for the last 5km!

So, 31km under my belt. Wonder if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow! We are lucky to have the Waikato River Trails on our doorstep though!

View of waikato River snaking in the distance with quarry in the foreground and

Rā 103 Rāpare 13 o Paengawhāwhā

Cyclone Cook was supposed to hit us full force this afternoon. The amazing and highly addictive tracking thingy had the eye of the storm coming right over the top of us. So we battened down the hatches, got plenty of supplies in and waited. Then we watched it veer off to the east. We had plenty of rain but the wind missed us. In fact, it seemed so uneventful that we headed to the pub for 3 Beer Thursday and spent a cosy few hours playing cribbage!  I also managed to get a run in before the rain hit at lunchtime. The river’s up!

Day 149 May 28th 2016

Educampthetron was today. It was great to share a day of learning and practice with colleagues in the Waikato.  Later on we went into town. The new sculpture is now unveiled. Not sure entirely what I think of it. Quite impressive, definitely stands out. I have a feeling that it could become an iconic symbol of the Tron.


Day 88 March 28th 2016

Counting down the days now… Today’s 10km walk/run will be pretty much the last one before Saturday and the 100km.  Maybe a couple of 5s just to keep the legs ticking over, but that is it! It was a beautiful evening and the Waikato river never fails to look stunning.  Love the walkway through the bush,  peaceful with just the call of the cicadas and the birds.


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