Week 31 Wildcard: photographers choice

We spotted this insect on the door of our house. The white of the door made it difficult to get the insect into focus and I had to use the pro feature on my phone to isolate the subject.  Quite pleased with the outcome.

Orangey red flying insect with long antennae sitting on a white door

I had a meeting at a school over in Raglan last week so made the most of being there to sneak a lunchtime walk.  I don’t think I’ve seen the tide so high.  I tried to get the movement of the waves as they washed over the step of sand just in front of the dunes and the light glimmering behind the clouds.

Seascape on a stormy day. Dark clouds with some light shining through over a grey ocean. Waves foaming up over the sand right up to the dunes

This was a dark evening in Christchurch down on Oxford Terrace which had recently been reopened after rebuilding work. I wanted to capture the translucency of the bridge and the arch against the dark of the night.

Night scene in a city. Lights shining on a bridge overtheriver

Photos at concerts are always difficult and never seem to work. Any that do tend to be pure luck! This is Tami Neilson and if you ever get a chance to see her,  do it.  She is amazing!

Female singer on the microphone left arm held aloft. Guitarist in the background

In Hamilton Gardens there is a new garden – the concept garden. To get in you go through a large yellow door that opens automatically as you approach.  I was aiming to get a view through as they opened.

Looking through a doorway with large yellow doors. Through the doorway you can see a woman with gardens beyond


Rā 70, Rāhoroi 11 o Poutū-te-rangi 2017

The North Island has been hit by torrential rain, flooding, winds, road closures…The landing last night into Hamilton was a bit lumpy and the rain poured all night but it was ridiculously warm and muggy.

But the Minions were undeterred and we headed to Raglan for some beach training. 

We found a hole in the weather – 2 hours of sunshine. 

Day 39 February 8th 2016

Out at Raglan again today to show another visitor around.  Last week we watched as people jumped off Te Kopua bridge.  It was a sad day today out there; a teenager drowned when someone landed on top of him after he had jumped off the bridge.  Two hours later the appetite for bridge jumping was still as strong as ever but I didn’t really feel like taking any photos, out of respect.  We headed over to Ngaranui beach where the tide was as far out as I think we have ever seen it.  I love the reflection of the clouds in the shallow water.


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