Rā 274, Rāmere 30 o Mahuru

So, do I share the photo of the 5 comatose 17yr olds that were strewn slug-like across my living room this morning after an all-nighter playing computer games and watching horror movies?  Maybe I’ll spare you that one! 

I felt inspired to sew this evening after scoring a blanket for $5 in the charity shop.  Turning blankets into cushions to raise funds for Oxfam – this was my first attempt. Quite pleased with it. 

Day 93 April 2nd 2016

Oxfam Trailwalk 100km Day
How many words can sum this up?

Sore muscles
Awesome support team
Amazing team mates
Digging deep
Challenging terrain
Challenging weather
Stunning views through the mist
Beach walk
Cow Slurry
Gravel roads
River crossings
Rock scrambling
Clay mud sliding
Steep,  dangerous descents
Railway lines
Thunder and lightning
Torrential rain
Driving wind
Hidden or non-existant trail markers

21 hours of wet feet
A huge sense of achievement

We had it all,  but we made it! Never again!  Much more demanding than Taupo and probably too hard for many. The fastest team did it in 15hrs20,  in Taupo the fastest is close to 12hrs which is an indication of how much harder the Whakatane course is. It also puts our time of 21hrs  into perspective.  Last year we were closer to 18hrs30. Into recovery mode!


Not supposed to be a river crossing,  but it was…

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Day 73 March 13th 2016

Another great day on the trails preparing for the Oxfam Trail Walker.  An ‘easy’ 28km over the hill and along the beach.  Not to be – tide was higher than we expected and we walked all the way over the hill and down to the beach to find the sea lapping at the steps.  Nothing left except to climb back up again and down the road to West End beach and along the sand.  I could have chosen any one of the photos of the stunning views from the headland but this random photo took my fancy!


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Day 72 March 12th 2016

A big training weekend for the Posties in Ohope practising on the oxfam trails. The first time out with our team kit on and we got plenty of comments on our way round the trails.  What do you think?  We’re not planning on getting lost!



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