Day 60 February 29th 2016

Leap Day! Not sure I have heard it called that before but today there was a whole feature about “Leap Day” on the radio. Traditionally it is the day when a woman can ask a man to marry them – I did just that 16 yrs ago today!  But today’s photo is nothing to do with that!

Another walk around Lake Rotoroa in the centre of Hamilton and I came across this wee fellow;

one legged moorhen

Day 20 January 20th 2016

Love the summer and Lake Rotoroa in Hamilton is a gem in the city.  So many families,  couples,  friends of all ages walking,  running,  chatting,  laughing,  sailing on a summer evening at the lake. 

Oh,  and these wee cuties too!  All the ducky birds out in force. The moorhen mummy was viciously defending her brood as I took photos. Never heard a moorhen hiss before!  Couldn’t choose so cheated and made a collage!


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