Day 122 May 1st 2016

Only one photo today!  I can’t believe that the Pat and the Posties Oxfam team got together again for the first time after the event and we didn’t take a photo!  Too much chatting,  catching up and generally enjoying ourselves!
However, I did take this photo of the pink ‘fairy fluff’ on this flamboyant dish that one of the team ordered.


Day 40 February 9th 2016

Work day and the beginning of the week even though it’s Tuesday because of the “Monday – isation”  of Waitangi Day. Don’t you just love four day weeks!? Walked into Ham East for lunch with Fiona and Bill at  the Grey Garden.  A unique little place with an eclectic collection of all sorts of every day stuff from the past that evokes memories of childhood and adolescence.  Simple food and excellent coffee.


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