Rā 357 Rāhina 25 o Hakihea

Christmas Day 2017.

It was strange not to have any children in the house on Christmas morning. The start of times to come, I suppose.

The boys arrived late morning for brunch. Waffles and fresh fruit with fresh coffee outside in the sunshine.

Board games followed which meant a late dinner. Managed to get the boys together for a family photo. They don’t change!

Rā 360 Rātapu 25 o Hakihea

Christmas feels so different now that the boys are grown up.  Gus is still excited but no longer awake at an unearthly time in the morning! So a very sedate start but we still had our traditional grapefruit for breakfast.  Something my Mum always did for us.  We waited for Lachlan to come before opening presents together. That has always been something we have done – it is as much about giving as receiving and taking the time to share in the opening is special. 

I still filled the boys stockings –  both had the same things in so they had races as they opened the wee parcels! Such fun!

Nigel made Christmas dinner while the boys and I played with Lachlan’s new board game. Then he took my place while I cleared up – it is a complex game!  So absorbing that we didn’t get out for a walk. (On the plan for tomorrow!)