Week 23: No Peeking!

Week 23: Vision: No Peeking

Shoot as if you were using a film camera. That means that you will not look at the photographs you’ve taken until they are downloaded on your computer.

Vision: This category is designed to push you to go beyond sight, to insight; to take inspiration and make it a reality. Vision exists in your imagination and is revealed your photographs; expressing something otherwise invisible. Developing a Vision for your work is showing to others what you see in your mind’s eye.

Given that I mainly use my phone for taking photos, this was difficult – the temptation to look is just too much!

So, here are a couple of interpretations of this week’s theme;

1. One of the activities I get teachers to do as part of a workshop about the Digital Technologies Curriculum, is a lego challenge. In pairs, they choose the same 5 lego pieces – colour, shape etc. Then sit back to back so they can’t see each other. One person creates a model with their 5 pieces and then has to give the instructions for the other to complete the same model. It is a fascinating thing to observe – they don’t always come out with the same model!

three images showing two people sitting back to back making a model with lego pieces. one image shows two models the same, the other shows two completely different models

2. The second image is probably more consistent with the intended idea. As I was driving through along the Forgotten Highway one misty morning, the light was beautiful. Clouds hanging in the valleys with the morning sun threatening to break through. I decided to pull in and try to get a photo. As I walked along the fence line I like the look of the raindrops on the barbed wire and thought that would make a cool photo. Then I noticed the spider’s web. The loght was shining directly into my face and I really had no idea if I had captured it or not. Given that I was on the road, I couldn’t look at it until I got home that evening. Pretty pleased with the result.

spider's web spun between barbed wire fencing against a lush green field and misty sky

Week 6: Alternating Rhythm

I like the promise that this challenge suggests. Alternating rhythm of what? Sound, light, colour, motif? I have been, and still am, looking for possibilities. My initial thought was sound, and I wondered how I could convey sound in a photo. Then I was out at the weekend at the Banksy exhibition in Auckland. We went out for a late lunch afterwards and I chose to have a Rhubarb Rhoyale which came in a beautiful retro champagne glass – the light that refracted off the crystal appealed to me.

On Monday we wandered into town and went through “Riffraff” square in Hamilton. The whole place has been thoughtfully designed to evoke the theme of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and late at night the lighting is stunning. A video would respond really well to the theme of alternating rhythm, but how do I express that as a still photo? I had a play with Snapseed and produced these images but they still don’t really hit the mark for this week’s challenge.

We have a glut of green beans. Too many for us to eat and so they have grown so big that they are all but inedible unless we boil them for so long that I am sure there are no longer any nutrients in them. Today we decided to pick them all, harvest the beans from inside and use them. They are like wee jewels, shiny pink and purple jewels, cushioned in their bright green pockets of safety. Alternating rhythms of colour. I collected them like treasure and took them into the garden. This is my ‘beanart’.

I am unsure yet what my final submission will be, but I have had fun thinking ad creating… still a few days to go, so I may yet be further inspired.


On an unscheduled visit to Te Papa, this installation hung croon the ceiling. It has promise…

Maybe it would be better rotated 90°?

Rā 182 Rātapu 2 o Hongongoi

Another half marathon knocked off. What I like about trail running is that every route is different.  Today’s was tough – a lot of climbing, which of course brings descents, and varied terrain so you don’t get bored.  I don’t like the gravel road but love the single tracks in the bush and picking my way down the grassy hills.  They never get any easier though!

Day 93 April 2nd 2016

Oxfam Trailwalk 100km Day
How many words can sum this up?

Sore muscles
Awesome support team
Amazing team mates
Digging deep
Challenging terrain
Challenging weather
Stunning views through the mist
Beach walk
Cow Slurry
Gravel roads
River crossings
Rock scrambling
Clay mud sliding
Steep,  dangerous descents
Railway lines
Thunder and lightning
Torrential rain
Driving wind
Hidden or non-existant trail markers

21 hours of wet feet
A huge sense of achievement

We had it all,  but we made it! Never again!  Much more demanding than Taupo and probably too hard for many. The fastest team did it in 15hrs20,  in Taupo the fastest is close to 12hrs which is an indication of how much harder the Whakatane course is. It also puts our time of 21hrs  into perspective.  Last year we were closer to 18hrs30. Into recovery mode!


Not supposed to be a river crossing,  but it was…

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