Rā 154 Rātapu 4 o Pipiri

So I could post a photo of me running  the 3D Rotorua half marathon but I’ve already posted photos of me running and they’re all the same!  After the run we treated ourselves to the most amazing mudwrap at the Polynesian Spa, no photo of that either! So, my glass of wine on the coaster that was the finishing medal for the half marathon!

a glass of red wine on a glass coaster that says 3d Rotorua on it.

Rā 94 Rātu 4 o Paengawhāwhā

Tail end of Cyclone Debbie is dumping its rain on New Zealand. Wet! Another French film this evening – perfect weather for going to the cinema. A social commentary whose message was bleak but which managed to leave you with a sense of hope for humanity. ‘Standing Tall‘ or ‘La Tête Haute’ tells the story of a young boy growing up and surviving against the odds with the help of a judge with compassion and a social worker who recognises himself in the boy. A few tears were shed!

Today’s photo is from the rain.  A splash of red in the wet.