June 2019

Autumn Trees

Ko te Ngahuru tēnēi wāhanga. We dodged the Autumn showers today to walk around Rotoroa which is the wee lake in the middle of Kirikiriroa, Hamilton. It has struggled over the last 50 years as a result of poisoning to reduce the weeds that caught in the rudders of the yachts. A massive ecological disaster for a wee lake! But it is recovering slowly. Once upon a time children swam in the lake but now the water is too toxic. I wonder how long it will take….

blue sky over snowy mountains seen across a lake with white capped waves

Ko te Hōtoke tēnēi wāhanga. The mighty maunga of Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngarahoe covered in snow seen across Lake Taupo. It’s definitely winter here. I’ve been practising adding the te reo I am learning by adding text to photos. This says ‘There is snow on the mountains. It’s very cold”

blue lake with snowy mountains in the distance

Same mountains from a different spot on the same lake. This is just such a beautiful place to run.

sculptures of cats and dogs on the wharf of a seaside town

More te reo practice! Asking where things are…. This is the Hairy McLary sculpture in Tauranga. The characters created by Linley Dodd are much beloved around the world and these sculptures just capture the essence of them beautifully.

woam playing a red guitar on stage amongst bright blue lighting

A midweek trip up to Auckland to see Sharon Van Etten didn’t disappoint. Definitely worth the drive in the rain to get there!

sunlight shining through trees in a very green park

I’ve been working in a school over in Tauranga which is on Cameron Road – there is a story behind that name and much dispute about how street names glorify or remember colonial opressors and hide the real history of this place. Gate Pa is the site of a battle between Māori and the British in April 1864. It is now a park and information boards tell the story.

Looking through the gates of the marae into the atea and wharenui

This weekend is our noho marae for my te reo course at Te Wananga. We are at Poihakena Marae in Raglan. Here we are waiting to be called on.

Stone sculpture on Urupa with ocean and mountains behind

We had the privilege of listening to Eva Rickard’s daughter, Angeline Greensill, telling us the story of Te Kopua today.

Te Wananga noho team photo

And of course, the inevitable team photo! The Wednesday Night Champions! He Pī Ka Pao!

Looking up through tall trees to the blue skys

This proverbKua huinga te tōtara i te waounui-ā-tāne arohanui.” translates as a great tōtara has fallen in the forest of Tāne meaning that someone of stature has died. This week, a third friend and colleague this year passed away. Feeling very thankful for my health and my family.

orange rose

This is my favourite rose and it keeps on blooming. The plant only ever has one rose at a time but I love the colour.

a bowling lane with pins being scattered

We’ve reconnected the Wii! Fun and games as a family!

silhouettes of two trees against the setting sun and evening mist rising from the fields

The evenings are drawing in and I only just got a couple of times around Pukemokemoke before the darkness started to fall.

The variety of gin that is around right now is incredible. Indiginous is a New Zealand distillery that distils gins full of botanics and spice. The artwork is pretty impressive too.

an embroidered linen pouch

Tidying up my wardrobe, (definitely a wet weather activity!) I came across this handkerchief pouch which came from my Mum. I have no idea of its story. Did my Mum make it? She was gifted at needlework but I think that the sewing on this is machine worked. So it is more likely to have been a gift.

two plates of food and home made flat bread

This Sunday we had the privilege of participating in a cookery class organised by a group called Home Kitchen. Local immigrant communities are invited to share their culinary culture and teach us how to cook their favourite dishes. As we learned how to cook Afghani chicken and bread we also heard about the stories and cultures of the chefs. And we got to share some delicious food! Home Kitchen also works with Yalla Yalla restaurant.

“Home Kitchen is a social enterprise focused on empowering former refugees to flourish by providing work and training opportunities whilst showcasing the diverse cultures that exist in the mighty ‘Tron.'”

a grey cat peers around the pole of a grey covered platform

Aonghas bought me a cat tower for Mother’s Day. Grey cat has started to show some interest!

I went to my first Seed Waikato event last night. Some interesting speakers telling us their stories of failure, resilience and success.

early winter morning in town. a wintry morning sun brightensa blue/grey sky

I love that brightness of a wintry morning sky as the sun rises.

frost laden grass along a wire fence.

It is Friday 20th of June. It is winter. It is very cold today. There is frost across the land.

Winter is here! I think the landscape down in Taumarunui and its valleys makes me feel at home. This morning I drove down through foggy valleys but when the sun burned through, it revealed a beautiful frost and blue skies.

driving in a T2 lane in the city

Excitement today as we were able to drive in a T3 lane in Auckland as we had 4 people in the car. Though it was a hikoi that we really didn’t have the heart for. Heading north for the tangi of our friend and colleague, Hazel.

Clock tower

Another clock tower – the basin in Whangārei. A long awaited reunion with old friends Chris and Ross who are now living in the winterless north after leaving Wanaka to monitor and educate about plastic in the Pacific on their ketch Sula.

A young man with dark hair and wearing a beige sweatshirt, sid e on

My big son came for tea tonight. I always enjoy his company.

My boys have gone back to basics with gaming – race tracks and dodgems! They keep asking me to play and so I do. It wears me out – so much concentration and my hands hurt from gripping the controller so hard!

Pathway trhough a city decorated with railway signals

Evening training run around the lake and along the railway pathway. Cold but clear. Love these sort of winter evenings.

a feather floating on water
frost on limes

Lime season!

It’s like Christmas but it’s not! Winter in Tamaki Makaurau. Dad’s evening out to see the War Horse. What an amazing spectacle!

The things I love about trail running is being able to stop and take photos and have a breather. I always keep an eye out for opportunities for neat photos. Feathers and leaves and water….

seaweed and white rock, shadows and sunshine

My first visit to the Kāhui Ako I am working with down in Wellington. I flew down on Sunday and spent the afternoon with Chris. Our walk out at Eastbourne was in better weather than the last time we were there! Beautiful sunshine although there was a biting breeze.

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