Week 20 Composition: From Below

I’m a bit of a ‘look up’ person so have taken quite a few photos from below in the past but this week I haven’t really been out an about in places where a ‘from below’ photo was possible. Mainly because it has been pouring down with rain. MMM… maybe a photo in the rain might work quite well! Or maybe I’d rather stay in warm and cosy by the fire!

But my brief foray into the Redwoods did present me with one of my favourite ‘from below’ shots – majestic, towering redwoods high above me, their leafy heads in the sky. What I can’t work out is – does the blackness of the tree trunk get in the way or does it create a clear line to the top of the tree. Sometimes, they just seem to be so dark that they are distracting.

looking up the trunk of a redwood to it's canopy and the sky beyond

I like trying to get underneath mushrooms – the gills are fascinating but it is not always easy! We found these on a recent trip to Whirinaki.

white mushroom viewed from below showing white gills

a white mushroom wuth frilly gills seen from below nestled amongst autumn leaves and three smaller mushrooms

Ceilings are always fascinating too. This one is from the airport in Christchurch.

zigzag ceiling panels

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